Products and Services

We provide a bespoke range of products and services that can all be tailored to meet your specific needs. Prices available on request, please contact us for more information.

Individual Development

One-to-One Coaching, Executive Coaching, & Workplace Coaching, all supported by a range of the latest tools and techniques.

One-to-One Mentoring.

Participation in our Leadership & Management Workshops.

Building Individual Resilience

Transition Sessions: 'Your Time To Move' is our new bespoke service working with you to update or provide a professional CV and LinkedIn profile, comprehensive job search support and interview preparation.

Team & Board Development

Team Coaching.

Building Really Effective Boards.

Action Learning Sets.

Bespoke Team Development Sessions.

Consultancy Support

Time with a very experienced Leadership & Organisational Development Consultant to work out where the Organisation, or distinct parts, want to get to: Advice on the support that will be required: Design, delivery &/or help with the commisioning of the solution.

Leadership & Management Workshops

Leading & Managing Individuals.

Leading & Managing Teams.

Managing Change & Working with Complexity.

Effective Difficult Conversations.

Managing Difficult Behaviour.

Leading & Managing Change.

Coaching Skills.

Mentoring Skills.

Effective Meetings.

Chairing Meetings.

Contemporary Mindfulness

We can also tailor workshops, individual and group sessions, providing an introduction to Mindfulness and supported Mindfulness practice: Whilst specific tailored themes include Mindful LeadershipMindful Business and introducing Mindfulness into the Workplace: Mindful Coaching: And introducing Mindfulness into Schools.

In addition to offering practical & practice-orientated workshops etc., we also have a range of supporting materials, including the 'Coffee and a cup of Mindfulness' series, the 'Mindfulness for Life' series, the #MindfulHacks series available exclusively to Thoughts & Ideas, India via @medium, & the 'From Mindfulness With Love' series on YouTube.

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