the Mudd Partnership’s bespoke 'Facilitation Essentials' Programme 2021 for Skills Development Scotland: "Facilitation Essentials is by far the most valuable piece of continuous professional development I have embarked upon. Jane at The Mudd Partnership facilitates learning that empowers you with the confidence to, not only become an effective facilitator, but also challenge and stretch yourself to gain maximum impact from any professional and/or learning experience. Utilising the learning from the course, and Jane’s expert knowledge and tips, I am able to facilitate learning experiences with clear outlines and innovative tools and techniques that are engaging and effective. My confidence has grown so much that during other facilitated sessions, I find myself thinking about how I can add value as a participant. What’s more, I have successfully facilitated sessions with Senior Management and received exceptional feedback in return. I really hope to work alongside Jane again soon and simply cannot put into words how much I would recommend The Mudd Partnership in your professional journey." Laura Cochrane, Careers Adviser (She/Her)

Some Comments From Our New 2021 Programme Of Head Teacher Learning Sets: "I really enjoyed the learning set with Jane Mudd. She is so knowledgeable and well informed, it feels as if she understands what it is like to be a HT under these challenging circumstances and the difficulties we are facing"... "The high quality input from the Mudd Partnership left me feeling supported and valued, the opportunity to invest in our own development and have time to consider and reflect was wonderful"... "I can't remember when I last dedicated two and a half hours to my own leadership development in such a relaxed and informal environment, yet gained so much"... "I particularly valued the professional reading recommendations prior to the meeting, which stimulated much of the discussion throughout. It was really useful to read around leadership in the time of Coronavirus"... "The five leadership lessons really rresonated, and the article on vulnerability as a strength in leadership made me want to read more on this theme. Jane's facilitation really helped set this against the framework of leadership/change generally. She is very insightful and led a very positive and supportive session"... "I was apprehensive about the session beforehand but would thoroughly recommend it to a fellow HT. I felt a lot calmer and more relaxed after the session than I have felt in a long time"... "I enjoyed the Jane Mudd sessions because they were well organised, relaxed and with a small group"... &, finally "Jane is skilled at ensuring interaction and participation in a warm and interesting way. I will take away some of the quotes which are really pertinent during the pandemic".

the Mudd Partnership ‘Leading & Managing People Through Change Programme' 2021Jane is a professional who knows her craft inside out, I am surprised how much I am learning from these sessions. The pages we read before the online workshop really set the tone for today’s learning, so poignant.” (A local authority Early Years Manager)

Childrens and Families Service, Dundee City Council: "Jane has been delivering staged coaching programmes to Educational Leaders in Dundee City Council, and I have been fortunate – and privileged – to have recently participated in one of her programmes. Jane is wholly professional, astute, discerning and caring. She is completely at ease with all kinds of people … A natural, with all the qualities which an excellent coach should possess. During the programme sessions, Jane created a safe, non-threatening space within which colleagues were clearly valued, listened to, supported, encouraged and inspired. However, setting aside Jane’s experience and skill in coaching, what really struck me was Jane’s unquestionable sense of humanity. Jane models genuine empathy, and others connect with her because she truly respects everyone, showing kindness, understanding and humility".

Falkirk Council Education Service: "As with all aspects of our work with the Mudd Partnership, this organisation's support has enabled us to respond, sometimes within hours, to the latest directives from the Scottish Government that result in restrictions to our way of working. We have been able to remain solution focussed. Our creative and innovated approaches to ensuring that leadership development and support has continued in Falkirk has been strengthened by working with the Mudd Partnership."

West Partnership (Regional Improvement Collaborative): "Jane has led the work in collaboration with the West RIC (responsible for over 700 primary and secondary establishments) to design and deliver a virtual high quality professional leadership learning experience. The focus has been on educational priorities within a turbulent (COVID_19) landscape and developing a flexible and adaptive leadership capacity for the future, which is seen as mission critical. The work has been described as "inspiring", "uplifting", "innovative", "motivating" and "refreshing", and building on this the Mudd Partnership team is also now working with individual local authorities to deliver bespoke interventions that specifically addresses local priorities".

Duncan Rogers (Engineering) Glasgow Ltd: Paul's development sessions were a beacon of light in an ever-changing world , which has helped our company to adapt and overcome in a very rocky and uncertain terrain. His insights into our business model has been a key step into our new Critical Components Division. I would recommend the Mudd Partnership to any organisation looking to take that step back and review the bigger picture”.  

Service & School Improvement: "The Mudd Partnership's work with us, led by Jane Mudd, blends an understanding of the demands and rhythms of our school and our local authority, with a unique approach to design and delivery. The flexibility and agility in adapting to the unprecedented (COVID related) circumstances over the past 10 months has been both outstanding and invaluable to the Service. Whilst with the support, expertise and creativity which Jane & her team provides, we have been able to sustain all of our existing programmes and to add a 'Leading Well' series to support the resilience and wellbeing of our ELC Heads of Centre,  Deputy Head Teachers, Acting Head Teachers, and Head Teachers."

Managing Director - Delivering Dunfermline“I have had the pleasure of working with Paul over the past year. His help has been immeasurable, and he is a consummate professional. Working with Paul helped to open my eyes as to what is actually possible in my professional career. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Paul”. (A recommendation was also placed on Paul Mudd's LinkedIN profile by the client - click on here and scroll down to Recommendations)

Relationships Scotland: "Paul, may I take the opportunity to thank you again for delivering such a creative, well thought-out and thought provoking event. You did say the plan was for everyone to come away energised and inspired and I am pleased to say that the goal was definitely achieved. I will have no hesitation using you again in the future and I will recommend you to colleagues without hesitation". Marta M Henderson, Service Manager, Relationships Scotland FM, Tayside & Fife (A recommendation was also placed on Paul Mudd's LinkedIN profile by the client - click on here and scroll down to Recommendations)

Dundee Business School, Abertay University: "Paul Mudd Co-founder & Executive Director for the Mudd Partnership delivered an exceptionally inspiring, informative and inter-active half-day workshop entitled, ' How to Become An Awesome Speaker' to our MSc International Human Resource Management students. The workshop was designed to help improve presentation skills in general, and to enhance employabiklity skills, with specific focus on helping the students prepare for an imminent presentation that is assesed as part of their coursework. Feedback from all those present was extremely positive, for example one of the particpants emailed course tutors after Paul's workshop to say, "I am really enjoying the practical elements of the MSc International HRM programme, for example we recently had an inter-active workshop with Paul Mudd the founder of the Mudd Partnership, a Mindfulness, team building and presentation expert. This provided students with real transferable skills that inspire confidence and make us attractive candidates for future employers".

More Testimonials for the Mudd Partnership's 'Being Sprezzatura - How To Become An Awesome Speaker & Presenter Skills Workshop':

  • "Time and money not just well spent, but also a real investment for the future with multiple pay-offs"
  • " Paul showed us how important it is to connect with the audience and to show our passion when presenting..."
  • "Following Paul's workshop I completed a presentation at work on Tuesday with much more confidence and I believe it was down to Paul's workshop"
  • "The workshop was engaging and extremely helpful, all in a relaxed environment and we all benefitted tremendously"
  • "I really enjoyed the workshop which was very useful for my future professional career, I found Paul inspiring by his special presence, his presentation skills and relational competencies"
  • "It was an invaluable opportunity to develop presentational skills in order to build confidence and practical techniques and I'm looking forward to using the adopted strategies during my next presentation"
  • "We were able to practice presentations and were given constructive criticism as well as learning new techniques on how to deliver our message to audiences more effectively... I now feel much calmer and confident when presenting in front of large groups of people".

And just to demonstrate that we don't just talk, teach and write about it, here's a testimonial that followed a speaking engagement in November 2021:

  • "Wow wow wow! Attended a presentation by Paul given to the Rotary Club of Perth. His remit was to entertain be informative and motivational as it was 7.30am! He certainly entertained, his energy was contagious and the theme of "facts" fabulously informative, mind blowing and thought provoking. Thank you Paul, you were truly inspiring and a wonderful presenter." Beverley Callendar (This also appears on LinkedIN)

Feedback on our articles and thought leadership:

"A fabulous article Paul Adam Mudd CFCIPD MIOEE and a great articulation and extension of my point. Thank you so much. It really is astonishing how little has been done in this country to give our children a sense of themselves and allow their talents to emerge organically - the German, Dutch and Finnish approaches from pre-natal to early stage development is so clearly in the best interests of the child and by extension, wider society. Our model seems to be based on the false premise of security and compliance. You are a great man and writer. Respect and thanks again." (This also appears on LinkedIN)


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