The Mudd Partnership’s Hexagon Leadership & Coaching Programme

Launched in March 2021 our new Hexagon Leadership and Coaching Programme (#ThinkHexagon© 2021) doesn’t just provide the opportunity to create a wholly new world sold on its simplicity. No, it's bigger than that!

What if there was a way to simplify how to think about and work with situations and issues that need examined from multiple angles at the same time, to help make sense of dependencies, interdependencies and where there need be no connection at all.?

What if you had the chance to do this thinking and try out possibilities both with  peers and 1:1 supported by a coach? 

Hexagon thinking and the Hexagon Programme allows you to do just that.

6 sessions : 6 people: 6 points of intersection: 6 months

Recognising that old and persistent problems are locked in by uninspired thinking and stale language, The Hexagon Programme can be used to unlock power and agency and inspire fresh thinking and new insights in a range of settings – Business, Community, Individual, Teams and Organisationally.

This is now the time to find a new way to think about everything and not just accept what is. 

For more detail around the context and thinking behind the development of Hexagon click here.  

We must not let the most thought-provoking thing in these thought-provoking times be that we are not thinking. 

So, when you now think #ThinkHexagon© 2021 to make the complicated less complex and to view the ‘Making Of’ video below.


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