A Bespoke Staff, Leadership & Business Development Programme For A Global Engineering Company

Working with the senior management of a multi-million pound Scottish engineering company, we created and delivered a bespoke staff, leadership and business development programme. Taking account of COVID_19 which become a thing just after we had concluded phase one of the programme, we successfully adapted and flexed the structure and delivery framework to accomodate new guidelines in the second phase, without loosing any impetus, quality or engagement.

Phase One involved all staff over a six month period, split into a series of cross-functional teams that were mixed to ensure all areas of the business would be covered while staff were participating in the development workshops. Key areas focussed on included: identifying and making small changes to increase performance, productivity and market share; the fundamentals of effective teams; personal and team resilience, respect, working smarter and adding value; being a 'Leader Leader'; and identifying and articulating 'Our Big Messages'.

The Second Phase which commenced in February 2020 focussed on Team Leaders and Line Managers only, and comprised a series of high-level Master Classes delivered in a socially distanced setting on-site. These masterclasses, bookended by online Prologue and Epilogue 1:1 coaching sessions, upped the ante with the latest innovative thinking on leadership and management, business growth, motivation, influence, performance, neuroscience and diversity, &, focussed on amongst other things: building on 'Our Big Messages' to create value and drive business performance; effective communication, motivation and delegation; the difference between management and leadership for our business context, being a 'Thinking Performer', and thinking 'Win Win'; having difficult conversations, coaching skills and how to plan for and hold effective meetings

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